What is Spiritism?

The Spiritism Doctrine, or Spiritism, has not been created by any one person. It is compatible with the teachings of Christ, but its fundamental principals can be found in all religions. According to The Spirits’ Book, it has three essential dimensions:

1 – Communication between the physical and the spiritual realms
2 – The philosophy deduced from them
3 – The application of that philosophy to daily living

The mission of the Spiritist doctrine is precisely to enlighten us regarding our future state and to enable us to experience it, within certain limits, through direct and conscious interaction with the spiritual world. The theoretical essence of the doctrine can be found in Allan Kardec’s books:  
  • The Spirits’ Book – with regard to the philosophical aspect of the doctrine;
  • The Medium’s Book – which contains its practical and experimental aspects;
  • The Gospel According to Spiritism – contains its moral and ethical aspects.

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