Who is Allan Kardec?

Allan Kardec was the name adopted by a highly respected educator and philosopher born in Lyon, France, in October 3rd, 1804. He taught several courses in a prestigious French school, ranging from physiology to astronomy. He also organized and taught free classes in his own home, from 1835 to 1854.

At the age of 50, Kardec first heard of mysterious phenomena in the USA and Europe involving tables that seemed to be moving at their own will. The investigation of these phenomena has led him to work with writing mediums – that is an involuntary manner under the spirits, being their interpreters and instruments. Allan Kardec, then, posed several questions to spirits working through mediums from many different countries. This is how The Spirits’ Book was first published, in 1857, as a result of a comparative analysis of the answers he has received from these mediums with transcripts he had accumulated based on his own experiences.

Allan Kardec’s boundless contribution to the Spiritist Doctrine was further accomplished through the publication of The Medium’s Book, The Gospel According to the Spiritism, Heaven and Hell, Posthumous Work and Christian Spiritism. In addition, Allan Kardec founded the Spiritist Society of Paris and La Revue Spirite, a journal he edited until his death in March, 31st, 1869. (Adapted from the editor’s note on The Spirits’ Book)

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